Falcon Motorcycles and No Knowledge of How to Properly Ride

falconI’ve been talking about buying a bike for a good long while now. It happens every Summer when getting into a car in the heat is next to unbearable. That and as gas prices rise, the thought of only having to fill a small tank with petrol sounds way more appealing. It would afford me more funds for watches, afterall. I went to the Burbs yesterday to say hey to the folks who I have not seen in a good three weeks. My Dad’s got a BMW roadster of some variety and I had this idea to see if he wanted to go for a spin. Too bad he wasn’t home. So I didn’t ride. But as I drove by the community college down the street, I saw again the motorcycle classes. Will this week finally be the week I sign up for lessons? Probably not. Can I still flip through the ‘Net and admire custom cycles I will never in a million years afford? Or course.

Picture 2I got this friend, Matt, who is currently building a custom cafe racer that I should really talk to if I’m serious about this whole riding thing. He seems to have a good grasp on the whole thing. Plus, from what I can gather of his Facebook pictures, it looks like a really good time doing the build and the bike looks amazing. I will get at him and snap a few shots so you can see it.

lightIn the meantime I will watch from afar and get bent out of shape when crotch rockets weave in an out of traffic on Highway 36. I just someday want to be that old man that sees the country on a motorcycle. No agenda. No responsibilities. Just the road. And me. And a copy of Wild Hogs to remind myself of the zany adventures I could be having…

3 responses to “Falcon Motorcycles and No Knowledge of How to Properly Ride

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  2. I write about motorcycles for a living, but didn’t buy my first bike until I was almost 30; the urge to ride lingered for decades, and I finally just had to take the plunge.

    That said, I urge you to take a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course (http://msf-usa.org/) and check out my website (http://motorcycles.about.com), which includes a brief article on how to get into motorcycling: http://motorcycles.about.com/od/howtostartridin1/a/FirstRidingStep.htm


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