…Of Enormous Watches and TIny Wrists

nixonIn a trend I see stopping no time soon, I have begun to take to watches that see me barely being able to lift the arm on which the timepiece is wrapped. I’m not known for being that big of a dude, so the bigger the watch, the more noticeable. Which is the reason of wearing accessories, anyway, so it’s a good thing. A recent eBay bid that, at first, I regretted and hoped beyond all hope I would get outbid, saw me winning the much-talked and blogged about 51-30 by Nixon. Enormous. Heavy. And perfect. I even got a, “Hey Will. Do you have trouble with your vision,” comment this weekend. The funny thing is, I actually do have bad vision. That’s not funny so much as it is just true. krew

Before the Nixon though, I used that Karmaloop credit to go forth with the purchase of Kr3w’s Velocity. I had no idea what to expect and certainly did not think the piece would be as outstandingly large as it is. Enough with the guff, too. I have small wrists and they are only exacerbated my the daunting size of the Velocity and 51-30.

nixon1Would I recommend you loyal readers to go buy these watches and see for yourself that they are worth the money? Yeah, I would actually. When your watch can double as a weapon, how is that a bad thing? When anything can double as a weapon for that matter….


3 responses to “…Of Enormous Watches and TIny Wrists

  1. All you need is a Twitterbug and your transformation will be complete.

  2. If your gonna wear chunky watches like that, they might as well double as something else too, like a mobile phone!!

    • momentumoffailure

      Like Inspector Gadget? Or wait, it was his hand that doubled as a phone. Now THAT’s technology….and animation.

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