Feeding the addiction made easier with The Online Purchase Security System

creditcardsystemI don’t know whether to be flattered or semi-embarrassed. My name has become synonymous with online shopping after a drink, resulting in not always making the best decisions when it comes to the final step of entering your credit card number to complete the sale. I suppose I should take it as a sign that people are actually listening to me/reading the posts, etc. In that sense, hooray. Otherwise, I may have to scale back on the process to which my name is now attached. Admittedly, I’ve made some poor choices with my online shopping, but for the most part, I like to think the successes have outweighed those flops. The 51-30 for example? Winner. Same with the Kr3w Velocity and Brixton hat. What I definitely don’t need, though, is easier access to the purchasing. As pesky as it is entering in CC #’s in the dark…..


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