Your glass is half full or half empty simply means you’re drinking too slow from the Pessimist’s Mug

mugMy Dad instilled some advice in me at a young age that has stuck with me to this day. “Son, your beer is always the fullest and the coldest.” Sound, sound words. And it’s true. Except these days I haven’t been much the beer drinker. So I have found that my cocktail and/or wine glass is usually always the emptiest and most frequently refilled. With cheap spirits, though, there’s no reason to do the whole, “I’m gonna savor this mixed drink/boxed wine/etc…” Sometimes it’s just about taking the edge off versus going all Paul Giamatti ala Sideways and noticing the subtle traces of strawberries. Trust me, there isn’t anything but the trace hints of gasoline in Vella. Doesn’t mean it’s not delicious. Listen to Axl Rose.

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