Greatest. Event. Ever. [@Baconfestchi]

bacoheaderBacon – the sweetest of the cured meats. How I love thee. Bacon is the food equivalent of the word f*@k, which is to say it is quite versatile. Bacon just is, but it can be transitive, intransitive, a verb, a noun, a pronoun, an adverb.

“I baconed my burger.” “I love bacon.” “Bacon bits are the greatest.”

You can put it on sandwiches, burgers, chicken, salads, ice cream, people (thanks @aesilber), and dogs. Bacon is always delicious. You can also turn it into salt, liquor, beer, ammunition, and a weapon. There is nothing bacon can’t do.

The Baconfest website is hilarious; you should read all of it. However, I have selected one “frequently asked question” just to prove my point.

From Baconfest:
Um, I’m Jewish.

“Excellent question. We think our Facebook friend Paul Libman had some deep insight into Baconfest when he posted this Haiku to our group:

Bacon seduces
all that is Jewish in me.
Mom rolls in her grave.

The Midrash explains the relationship between Baconfest and Judaism when it discusses the role of the Apikoros – or heretic. Derived from the Greek epicurus (as in Epicurean!), in Jewish culture the Apikoros is anyone who has broken away from the Rabbinate; or more generally, someone who has abandoned the specific adherence to the strict rules that govern observant Jewish life in favor of a “rational”, critical approach to life. Since medieval times, the Apikoros has been valued and feared for the critical distance and skepticism about dogma that he/she brings to study of Jewish identity.

We at Baconfest are skeptical about sumptuary laws, whether they are the rules of Kashrut, the practices of Halal, the municipal ban on Foie gras or the modern habits of the ovo-lacto-vegetarian. We respect the deliciousness that can come from imposing narrow restrictions on one’s dietary habits, but choose to apply only those restrictions that serve our vision for a happy and fulfilled life. Does that make us hedonists? Yes. I think it does.

That said, perhaps you will enjoy the tee-shirts or photography contest.”

I told you so. Come to Chicago, we will enjoy bacon together.

Ben (@CobaltInfinity)


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