Stop letting the heat escape and don one of Brixton’s classic-styled caps.

BuskerI remember, back in little league, when coach would warn us not to take our hats off on cold days of play. Doubling as a scientist, he would inform the team and me that 90% of your body heat escapes though the top of your cranium. When you’re an impressionable youth, you believe almost anything you hear, so I kept my Panthers cap firm atop my brow fearing the threat of getting sick.

drifterYou’d think over time I would check the validity of this claim to see if I was just being led on. Even now, as I sit here wondering if Coach was right, I could check it out. But why? If it’s not true, will I stop believing it after all these years? It’s become more instilled in me versus something I would just one day be able to stop doing. Besides I look damn good in a hat.

fiddlerMy fave as of late has been the Bruiser, one among Brixton’s many offerings. Although they sent me the wrong size, I got it on sale and felt no need to do the whole, “Um, excuse me. Over here. Yeah. This isn’t the size I ordered.” It still fit, so no qualms here. If I could suggest you keep the heat in your body in a fashionable way, I’d head to Brixton’s shop and see what you like.

BroodWhether your medium of choice for headwear is straw, wool, cotton, nylon, knit, etc, they will gear you up right. Plus, you’ll probably be the only cat lookin as good as you do. And coach will rest easy. So there’s that added benefit as well.

Will (@MomentumFailure)


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