Jeremy Behrhorst Fine Art Giveaway

jbfaHere’s your chance to win a hand-screened, limited edition print by Denver-artist, Jeremy Behrhorst. His “Just Relax and Enjoy it Baby” pays homage to prints of old with a nice new provocative spin. Only 15 of these will be screened. Each one will be numbered and signed by the artist himself. To get your mitts on one of these, leave a comment below telling us why you want one. We’ll go through the replies and pick the best ones. This giveaway will run until Friday, August 28 2009. Comment now!

Will (@MomentumFailure)

15 responses to “Jeremy Behrhorst Fine Art Giveaway

  1. I would LOVE one! I was a print media minor in college, and fell in love with letter pressing and lithography. I did a little screen printing and etching as well. I can guarantee you the print will be cherished, well taken care of and preserved!

  2. Though it may sound strange, this would go great in the bathroom for so many reasons.

    Hook it up Will!

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  4. since this run is limited to 15 and being done exclusively for momentum readers i’d love to hear what color you’d like them done in. i’m quite partial to brown craft paper with a grey or silver. but i’m open to suggestion.

  5. the sample will has posted is in white, but i want to switch it for the edition.

  6. this one is definitely made for the bedroom… just because we’re getting older doesn’t mean we still don’t have it going on~

  7. i first saw this print hanging in will’s unit when i was taking care of his mail. it stood out among all the cool things in his condo. having a print of my own would mean that i was nearly as cool as will! (and also think the bathroom is an appropriate place to hang the print…thanks for the idea matt)!

  8. I’d like one simply for the fact that I tire of having to say this all the time. Just pointing to a beautifully framed print would make things so much simpler.

  9. It’s 7:30 PM and I’m stuck at the office, trying to finish up a project for a client on the west coast who has no concern for my desire to be out somewhere enjoying myself right now. I look up from my monitor and see this print on the wall, and remember that the night is but a fetus.

    Please help me make this happen.

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