Two types of ridiculous. Nau’s Fluent Stash: Ridiculously cool. The MUSK MR2129: Ridiculously…ridiculous.

nauIn a world where luggage seems to be getting more and more technical (see: Ben’s review of Burton’s DJ Bag), it’s becoming easier to lose items within your travel cases themselves. Even the seemingly simple Ben Sherman Weekender revealed more pockets upon further use. And these are in no way bad things. The more pockets, the more separation, which is good when you’re stuffing dirty laundry in with edibles you’re bringing back to the folks at home (read: I didn’t like dirty socks being in the same vicinity of my cheese curds at the end of my recent Wisconsin vaca).

nau1That said, I am digging on not only the simplicity of Nau’s Fluent Stash but on the company as a whole. Their design philosophy: “The balancing of beauty, performance and sustainability drives everything we do, from developing better, more environmentally friendly fabrics to raising the bar for functional, elegant designs.” As Ben would say, “Noice.” Style and the knowledge I’m not carrying a volatile piece of luggage. Because, let’s face it, Styrofoam Luggage is the new orange and pink camo.

If the thought of Styrofoam luggage isn’t ridiculous enough. Imagine this: a watch weighing in at 1.5 lbs. “Link or it didn’t happen. Yeah, yeah. musk-wristwatch

Well, how about the Musk MR2129? What the hell were they smoking in Japan when they came up with this one? My brother busts my chops for my 51-30 and Kr3w Velocity looking like Flava Flav’s clock on my wrist. But if I were to rock this thing, methinks more people would chime in on that good-natured ribbing. Of course, If I couldn’t put up with it any longer, my one beefed-up arm as a result of wearing the Musk, could throw them all a wicked left hook.

Will (@MomentumFailure)


One response to “Two types of ridiculous. Nau’s Fluent Stash: Ridiculously cool. The MUSK MR2129: Ridiculously…ridiculous.

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