A friend in need is a friend indeed. And my friend needs a new bag.

nauMy friends can attest that when it comes to needing an ear to vent to or a shoulder to weep on or, even, a five spot, I, for the most part, am good for it. I rarely have cash on me, so it’s really just that I need to work on. All in due time, young stallions. Last night, at a rather late hour, I was notified that a friend of mine was starting a new job and was in the market for a new laptop bag so as not to show up to his first day looking like a schmuck. I took it upon myself to throw a few ideas his way.

Already having professed my like for Nau, their Motil Commuter is where I started. Simple, sleek, and would pair with just about any wardrobe. I’ve expressed my hatred of all-over print which is why the simpler styles appeal to me. And admittedly, the ones from Saddleback Leather are amazing, the price is a bit high in my opinion.

jackspadeWhen it comes to a bag I’ve much experience with, I recommend Jack Spade. An ex (now ex-communicated) bought it for me about 5 years ago, and I still have it and use it everyday. It has seen me through some wicked times in NYC and Boston as well as on the daily in Denver. Granted I use it mainly for office use and realize that I carry my laptop other places. For that, I will usually slide the Macbook in a Timbuk2 sleeve and throw it in a bag much like Heritage Leather Utility.CanvasUtilityBag

And of course, there are the plethora of other bags from the millions of different companies, many of which we’ve reported on. Booq, Token NYC, HardGraft (personal fave), InCase, HowiesTimbuk2, and Triple Five Soul.

That said, I hope this helps, friend. Good luck at your new job!

Will (@MomentumFailure)


3 responses to “A friend in need is a friend indeed. And my friend needs a new bag.

  1. What a post! I really appreciate you consolidating all this and giving me your picks, as you obviously have looked at and reviewed a lot of them.

    I’d say my top three out of the ones you picked, are…the Motil Commuter, Howie’s and Token NYC. Bravo, you’ve helped my selection process a little easier.

    – Kirk

  2. Hey, is that Nau Motil commuter very large? I have a 15 in macbook and don’t really want a bag thats way too large for it.
    Thanks for your reviews!

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