Adventure Awaits In Denver

Will has to work on Monday (I’m staying until Tuesday) which leaves me with about eight hours to gallavant around during the day. I googled “things to do in Denver” (It worked with Vegas!) and I was taken to the page. This page informed me that, “When you wake up in Denver, adventure awaits.” Now, I don’t take grandiose claims like this lightly, but I’ve never been to Denver.

Does adventure really await in Denver? I’m from Chicago and I’ve been to four different continents, so I’m going to assume it is just a high-falluting claim aimed to bring people to Denver. Then again, I never sleep when I’m in New York or Vegas (or in general), so maybe I’m wrong. Here’s the thing, I want you to prove it to me. What do I absolutely HAVE to do while I’m in Denver? I’m not bringing my board, so unfortunately tearing up the “pow-pow” is out of the question.

Do you live in Denver? Show me the town on Monday (nudge nudge chad)? My very simple, albeit long, list of desires includes: mojitos, sunrises, and barefoot walks on the beach.

Ben (@CobaltInfinity)


3 responses to “Adventure Awaits In Denver

  1. momentumoffailure

    HAVE to do in Denver? Well, I would say you need to get to the mountains, but there wont be much time for that. I will take you to the Hornet for $2 make your own bloody mary’s aa price you won’t find anywhere in Chicago. And perhaps after that, we can go across the street for $5 bottomless mimosas. We’ll set you up with a Rockies dog or Denver Dog from Steve’s Snapping Dogs Oh, and in both cases, there will be plenty of parking…..ahem. There’s more, believe me.

  2. I’ve never done any of those things. How sad am I?

    • momentumoffailure

      Get on it!!! Maybe we can show Ben what the deal is. Also, I left out Beaujo’s Pizza. Though it’s the best at the Idaho Springs locale.

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