Bacon this and Bacon that. Now Bacon Sunglasses is where it’s at.

oakleybaconIt was only a matter of time…especially in this bacon day and age, where the cured meat seems to have seeped its way into pretty much every aspect of our consumer-driven society. So is it surprising that DQM, located in the heart of Trendsville (the L.E.S.) partnered with Oakley to flesh out bacon-themed Frogskins? Not really. Popular shades meet popular meat. Wait, bacon frog skins? Isn’t that on the menu somewhere in the bayou? If not, I’m setting up shop in Baton Rogue…

bacongumballsAs an avid gum-chewer, Extra Fruit Sensations being my fave, however, yesterday I picked up a pack of Trident’s new “layered” series and have fallen in love, I must go through a sickening 4-5 packs a day. Sure it takes its toll on my wallet, but whatever. I love my oral fixation. Seems the bacon industry wanted an in there too and saw their dream to fruition. I’ve found girls don’t mind the fruity gum taste when things get intimate. But if you find one that digs on the smoky bacon flavor, you’ve got a keeper.

bacon watchNow it wouldn’t be an MoF post if there wasn’t mention of a watch, right? Right. I would wear a bacon watch once or twice as a sort of gag (much like I would many brands charging 100 to 200 times more than this little joker). But you know what I really want? And maybe one of you readers can help me out here, but I would really like to find one of those old Simpsons watches that came free with Burger King kids’ meals oh, those many years ago.

burritodogFinally, and this one’s for Ben, but it’s good to know Denver is getting in on the signature hot dog game as Steve’s Snapping Dogs has created the Denver Burrito Dog. Ben’s in town this weekend, so we shall see how he likes it.

Will (@MomentumFailure)


One response to “Bacon this and Bacon that. Now Bacon Sunglasses is where it’s at.

  1. i’d definitely wear those sunglasses… lookin good

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