History Repeats Itself… Again [@JCrew Ties]

JCrewTie02“I believe I can see the future; cause I repeat the same routine. Every day is exactly the same.” Trent Reznor, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Well, except when I was singing Nine Inch Nails in the shower this morning, that was better. But I digress.

This is a sweet little routine we have going on here at the M.O.F. Will and I write things (snarky, clever, witty things) about stuff (mostly bacon) and you check it out. In some cases you might pull the trigger and buy it (Nooka AO) and in some cases you just can’t (Baconfest). Let’s be real though people, if it’s tangible you are at least interested in buying it. (Baconfest cannot be purchased, it must be experienced.) Here we go again (not on our own though) with some hot mancessory action.

Ties. Is there anything they aren’t good for? Severe blood loss? Tourniquet. Epic sweating from studying Andy Roddick’s serve? Headband. Forgot your pink fuzzy handcuffs? Do the math. Ties remain popular, even cool, in an era when out of touch artist’s styles bastardize t-shirts everywhere. (You know who I’m talking about and you know you agree with me.) Luckily, ties are the fashion equivalent of pi (not the om nom nom kind), which is to say they’re constant. Wear it with a suit, a t-shirt (risky but doable), a vest, or nothing. It doesn’t matter how you do it or what you want because the tie is there, ready to make damn near every outfit better. Hell, ties are so awesome even women are wearing them now!

With that being said, I must confess my love affair for the vintage, square-bottom, knit tie. Someone important/famous/super cool decided this vintage look was in again. While I lament my original fashion choices being stolen by pseudolebrities (the vest is mine JT, MINE!), it does make particularly odd pieces much more accessible to the general populous.  So it goes with the vintage, square-bottom, knit tie.

Up until recently, if you wanted one of these your only option was Ralph Lauren Black Label. It may not be Polo (bland), but even RL describes their version of the tie as “crochet” knit.  I don’t know about you, but every time I see the word crochet I think of crotchety. Ralph Lauren has pretty much the same effect and it’s not a feeling I like. Oh yeah, RL also charges $100 for this tie. That’s right, one complete bill. In my book that is one bill too many.

J. Crew saves the day once again. (Will has been trying to convert me to the Crew darkside for quite some time; this may very well be the first step.) You can buy this particular tie for $49.50 from the website, or go to a J. Crew store and pay $19.99 plus tax like I did. It’s the same length, the same width (2″), same silk tape (collar), and has the same ribbed ends as the crotchety RL tie, but it costs eighty percent less. EIGHTY. PERCENT. You know what? No one that sees it is even going to know the difference, so spend the extra $80 on bacon.

Ben (@CobaltInfinity)

Kick it like your old man for the rest of the pictures. Bowl haircuts are still out though. Sorry dad.


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