Mr. Morrison’s Wild Ride.

jimmorrisonI never believed it when someone said they didn’t like The Doors. Even Philip Seymour Hoffman as Lester Bangs in Almost Famous. Even then, I was all, “Psh. Whatever. The Doors rule. It’s cliche to say you don’t like them.” And to many extents, it is. However, I have heard valid arguments as to why some people can’t get down with the sound of Jim Morrison and his band of merry men. Not that I took any of them to heart, as I am a Doors fan (deal with it), but I can get, I suppose, why some don’t like them.

FeltForumWaking up this morning to news of a new 6-disc collection entitled Live in New York indeed brought a smile to my face. Even though The Doors might hold the record of number of Greatest Hits albums, I am still going to get my peyote-loving hands on this. Then, who knows, maybe I will visit Morrison’s tombstone. Except, it’s in Paris. And that’s a far ways away. I’m planning a Nashville trip, so maybe I will plan on June and Johnny’s resting place instead.

Will (@MomentumFailure)


2 responses to “Mr. Morrison’s Wild Ride.

  1. Morrison went places no one else even thought of going. The Doors were the icon of the era. “Strange Days” said it all.

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