Get pissed about losing your keys…

bsaMitch Hedberg had this joke: “I bought a $9 pen because I’m always losing my pen and I got tired of not caring.” Heh. Talk about a guy who died way too soon. But honestly, did you see him at the end of his career? Dude, was made of plastic. It was sad to see. Incoherent. Still funny though. And that joke resonates, as most of his did. I always lose my Bics and never think twice. But when I graduated high school, my father’s business associate gave me an engraved pen that I loved. And now, I have no idea where it is. And it sort of gets to me. Much the same I’d be a little peeved if I purchased and lost a BSA Carabiner. I have copies of my keys, so that’s not a deal. But, dammit, that carabiner was cool

greenboySame with the Greenboy. It’s like, I would become that dude with the cool keychains. Then, I would lose them. Soon, all my friends are saying, “Dude, what happened to that cool keychain?” Trust me, I have friends that notice these things. And when they’d notice the disappearance, I would get even madder. Or not. You know, come to think of it, it could go either way. Because say they do notice and comment. Then, damn. I admit to losing it. And if they don’t notice? Then what the hell was the point of buying such a unique key holder in the first place?

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