It’s easier if you just show me. Thanks, Esquire, for playing Dad.

bowtieIn what has been one of the momentous “long-time-coming” purchases, I finally pulled the trigger and got myself a bow tie. Though, it hasn’t officially arrived yet from Amazon, I have been getting off work and rushing home every day this week only to be disappointed. Will today be the day? The party is tomorrow and I sure would like to wear it. If not, I got other ideas on the hot mess look. Though, even if it is in my mailbox tonight, I won’t need Esquire’s How-To until sometime next week, as the point of tomorrow’s look is to appear hungover and wrecked…undone bow tie being a key element. Still, I appreciate their effort. It’s like a surrogate dad, kind of. Except I am sure that if I trekked to the suburbs and asked my own dad how to tie a bow tie, he’d show me. Or he’d tell me to Google it. He’s a smart guy.


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