Nostalgic Timepieces. Not quite vintage, but The Simpsons are a part of my childhood.

krustywatchYesterday I talked about how cool it would be to get my wrist on one of those old Burger King kids meal Simpsons watches (or get one on my wrist, whatever). As I am prone to hunting the Internet until I find what I am looking for, uncovering these gems wasn’t as hard as I led myself to believe. In fact, a simple Google search yielded results. And when I started to look at the findings, they actually aren’t too bad, and I might actually wear them given the right circumstances.

bartwatchI wouldn’t don Bart, Krusty, or the whole Simpson clan for a board meeting, say, but to my little sister’s birthday party or to Hooters? You know I’m in. But in searching for these timepieces used for a Burger King X Simpsons promotion in 2002, I came across a cartoon-themed watch I could wear to said board meeting. Apparently, and maybe I’m just a wee bit behind the times here, but Fossil collaborated with the Matt Groening creations and did a limited run of 500 watches with Homer’s likeness.

homerfossilWhile it still may garner a few less-than-favorable looks, it also might get me out of sticky situations. “So, Will, your report is all well and good, but what’s the bottom line? You’re avoiding the real problem at hand…” Blank stare…. “Well, Ted, like I said, there’s three ways to do things: the right way, the wrong way, and the Max Power way….the wrong way, but faster.” Blank stares… “Isn’t that a Homer quote.” “Yes it is. Speaking of, did you see this watch?”

Crisis averted.

Will (@MomentumFailure)


2 responses to “Nostalgic Timepieces. Not quite vintage, but The Simpsons are a part of my childhood.

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