Of Polos and Bow Ties: Revisited and Accomplished. I shall never watch SBTB alone again.

bowtieFriday was one hell of a day. While I was hoping beyond hope that the bow tie would arrive before Saturday’s party, I was double pleased to find, in my mailbox, not only the polka-dotted accessory but the copy of Saved by the Bell Hawaiian Style/Vegas Wedding as well. So while I watched that, I learned how to tie said bow tie. And I am a big enough man to admit, it took 15 tries. One step plagued me. Worth it? Most definitely. Will I be wearing it extensively, creating the need for a second and third (and so on and so on) as to not wear out the look with just the one? You know it. And as for the biggest question: Can I pull of the polo/bow tie ensemble? That I can. And I highly recommend you give it a go too. Because, why not? Girls like guys in bow ties. That rhymes. And you know that rhymes. That said, anyone for a Saved by the Bell party this Labor Day weekend? I might even go above and beyond and order the College Years. Yeah, give me guff about it if you want, but the racially-charged “Slater finds his Latino roots” episode is bar-none one of the hokiest (amazing) episodes of that show.

sbtbYou can take that statement with a grain of salt, if you must. I am after all very open about my love of the Fast & Furious franchise as well as any movie with Paul Walker. I just don’t get why the lot of you are so down on the College Years. I compare it to a favorite band. The show was so good for so long, as was your favorite band. Then it made the College Years, or a terrible album. But you still got it and enjoy it because, hey, it’s your favorite band. Or are you one of the “abandoners?” If that’s the case, then you and I, good sir, have nothing left to discuss and I bid you adieu.

Will (@MomentumFailure)


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