Turn down the sun, please.

4606783You ever have one of those mornings when dragging yourself out of bed feels as good as driving a nail through your own temple multiple times? Welcome to the Monday after the Momentum party. As much as it hurts right now, no regrets are to be had re: this weekend. Chicago houseguest, Ben, and I threw one hell of a shindig all culminating at a Polish bar singing karaoke. That kid can stomp out a Jovi song better than Mr. Blaze of Glory himself. And not to toot my own horn, but my Blink 182 duet with Patrick was something for the books. A little worse for wear today, I’m gonna need a day or two to level out. Perhaps a little detox and longer night’s of sleep…at least until this weekend. Big Labor Day plans already in the works. Party pictures and full review coming soon.

Will (@MomentumFailure)


One response to “Turn down the sun, please.

  1. Yeah! I love this stuff, plan on using some myself over the holiday. It let me wake up like 85% normal on Sunday after a kick ass night out….

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