Floorplay. Get it? That novelty wore off. But it’s time for a new Trivial Pursuit. The Beatles. FTW

beatlesWhen I first came up with the term, “Floorplay,” I thought I was the most clever dude ever. “Get it guys?!?!? It’s like FOREplay!!! Which is totally sexual. But there’s nothing sexual about Floorplay…other than the fact it sounds similar to the original word…” Since, the novelty has worn off a bit, as has the frequency of floorplay sessions. I chalk it up to warm Summer nights and the desire to be out and about versus indoors rolling die and sending people back to the beginning space.

beatles1Or, perhaps Floorplay has been postponed for the lack of new games. Though, that makes little to no sense seeing as how Amanda just picked up Scattegories, and I am totally going to purchase the Beatles Trivial Pursuit to correspond with my almost-confirmed Beatles Rockband preorder. Come on, Autumn. I want to have a party without feeling the need to get outdoors.

Will (@MomentumFailure)


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