Defining “Full Circle” – The Gossip Girl board game.

gossipgirlFriday nights are usually spent at my place. Whether it be sipping bubbly and online shopping while Gossip Girl blares in the background or having a group over to partake in the oncecleverlynamednownotsomuch act of Floorplay, a good time is had by all that attend either festivity. But has it come full circle with the Gossip Girl board game? Is this my own sort of pinnacle of existence? It’s like world’s colliding actually. The two events on Fridays (either G. Girl or Floorplay) have completely different vibes. Where Gossip Girl night is usually just Amanda and me, a larger group is invited for floorplay. But… what do I do? I could make Chuck references all night, but no one will really get them.

chuckbassI foresee many a blank stares from Floorplay attendees when I utter such statements as, “Good Lord Chuck’s hair is beyond amazing.” Or, “I can’t believe Jenny used to look so innocent. She’s all whored-out now….” Ya know, though? It’s just a risk I will have to take. It’s not as though I’ve been secretive re: my love of the Gossip Girl. I openly admit to watching and rewatching all the OC episodes just in case I missed one of Seth’s quips or Ryan’s fights. People may not get it, but now they’ll have to learn. Or not come. And then they’re missing out…

Will (@MomentumFailure)


4 responses to “Defining “Full Circle” – The Gossip Girl board game.

  1. And our worlds collide. Next weekend, my friend.

  2. that chuck bass picture is beyond hot, i must say.

  3. can u email me tht pic, its absolutely gorgeous. do u know wat hes posing for? because ive seen many photos lyk tht online in fan made pics bt i cant find the originals, this is just one of them. thx


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