Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?


In case you haven’t been paying attention, Will and I had the official blog kick-off party last weekend in Denver. Burton bag and checked baggage (too many products to bring) in tow, I jumped on a plane and flew out to Denver from the weekend. An 8am flight after a Nine Inch Nails concert the evening before and a corporate party the night before that led to quite a significant amount of sleep deprivation (even for me). Fortunately, it showed no signs of slowing in Denver and we continued in complete belligerency (another new word!) until I hopped on a flight home at 5am Tuesday.

Ben (@CobaltInfinity)

Kick it with a tasty groove to see what you really missed.

Here’s a list of what I brought with me:

  • Nixon Blockade Rotolog
  • Nixon Barney’s Co-Op Rotolog (#13/100)
  • Nixon Yellow Rubber Player
  • Flud JAES
  • Nooka Green AO
  • Dosh Electric (Review coming, suffice it to say it’s awesome)
  • Dynomighty Europe
  • J. Crew Black Knit Tie
  • H&M Plaid Skinny Tie
  • Tracey Mayer Disguise
  • Random Effigy jewelry pieces

What kind of friends would we be if we didn’t mention the liquor:

  • 1.75L Ketel One
  • 1.75L Svedka
  • 2 cases Rolling Rock
  • 2 cases Budweiser
  • 2 cases Bud Light
  • 12 bottles Andre
  • 4 boxes Franzia
  • Ridiculous amounts of Red Bull (It IS a gateway drug now)

And, the dapper gentleman (who isn’t Will) is Jeremy, the artist who provided the aforementioned Limited Edition M.O.F. Prints.

There was food: burgers, tofurkey, hot dogs (Will, I don’t care what you say, I will never call them “pups.” That’s just ridiculous.), assorted dips, and assorted snacks.

Oh yeah, and the Jim Beamobile. The night ended (after a different house party) with karaoke (Bon Jovi v. Blink 182) and a very drunken walk home at 3am.

Ben (@CobaltInfinity)


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