To be a kid again. Toys of Christmas and Breakfast for Dinner.

nerfgunRemember being a kid and how exciting Christmas morning was? The space below the pine tree exploding with huge gift-wrapped boxes most likely containing toys with the exception of the few disappointing “lighter” boxes from Aunts and Uncles you knew were sweaters or socks…Man, that used to be my favorite thing in the world. Ripping open present after present, playing with whatever toy was inside for the few seconds before it was time to tear open another gift…Ah, even talking about it takes me back to being a young’n. Nerf guns, remote control cars, and weird gadgets, I got them all.

Picture 1Looking back, I don’t know what my folks were thinking entrusting me with such items. They would break, usually due to poor use on my part, within a month or two. But for those weeks following the Yule, I was the happiest boy in the world. This epitomizes youth in my mind. Well, Christmas morning and breakfast for dinner. That was always exciting. “Holy moly! We’re not having spaghetti??? Yeah, I will take some more bacon and waffles! Thanks, Dad. This is amazing.”

wafflesAs I grew from a young lad to a pull-fledged adult (physically, but by no means mentally), the novelty of breakfast in the PM wore off when I realized that I could do it anytime and vice versa. If I want Thai leftovers at 7am, I will gladly enjoy Basil Chicken while watching the sunrise. Mid-morning stomach ache, FTW.

Will (@MomentumFailure)


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