Momentum goes out. La Pasadita Inn, Denver, CO. Nice.

pasaditaI haven’t gone out to dinner with anyone in quite sometime and thought last night would be a good night to enjoy some of the final days of Summer on the patio at my favorite Mexican restaurant. La Pasadita Inn is an unassuming little joint on an “island” cut by three streets. It’s cheap, speedy, and unlike a lot of other “Mexican food from the can”spots, won’t have your stomach screaming at you post-meal.

pasadita1I met up with Denver royalty, Andy and Jennifer, around 5:30 and proceeded to give them the obligatory life updates, the “what’s new,” and “so, how have you been” banter. I then took my camera out and did the whole, “So yeah I’m posting this on the blog tomorrow, so look natural. BTW, Andy, you got balls wearing a ‘J.C. Saves‘ shirt in this town.” “Yeah, man. That’s why we had to meet early. Jen and I are headed to the Broncos game after this.” I applaud the kid’s spirit and hope that he (and the shirt which is undeniably cool, especially the double chin) made it out of Invesco alive.

pasadita2I haven’t heard from him today, but that’s normal. We’re more “after-work” chatters. Still, I think I may shoot him a text and see how Broncos fans took to his wardrobe. Let’s hope for the best…

Will (@MomentumFailure)

More shots of La Pasadita Inn here…


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