M.I.A. for the next three weeks? The Office Season 5, It’s Always Sunny Season 4, 30 Rock Season 3.

theoffice“I like the BBC version of the Office better….” Oh yeah? Shut up. That’s the equivalent of, “I like their older stuff…” Snob. I will admit that the BBC Office didn’t lose it humor as the US version has as of late. But it’s also due in large part to the fact that the UK series only aired for two seasons. And in many ways, I wish the same had happened to the US version. But I swear, if I hear one more person use that cliche of liking the original better, I’m going to smash them across the grill with my copy of The Office Season 5.

sunnyAlright, that’s a bit harsh. I don’t condone violence of any type (save for pinata smashing and breaking bottles against trees), but I do condone watching TV on DVD for hours on end. When I got Season 1 of It’s Always Sunny, my little brother and I watched, maybe, 6 hours of it in a row. The sun and outdoors seemed so foreign after spending so much time in Dennis, Charlie, Mac, and Sweet D’s seedy bar. I foresee the same situation happening next week.

30rockI admit I was a late-comer when it came to 30 Rock. But, as I have made evident, I like TV on DVD way more than I like TV. I like being able to watch episode after episode, especially when it’s a show I need to catch up on. It all really started with Lost, I suppose, and randomly getting the first two seasons for Christmas one year from an ex-gf’s sister. I hate waiting a week between episodes. Lost completely spoiled me for that.

It’s going to be a busy next few weeks with these new releases coming out. I really don’t want to buy The Office, but is it worth it to keep the collection going? What do you think?

Will (@MomentumFailure)


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