Mama always said: A Gentleman is as a Gentleman Does.

gentlemanI woke up a touch too early, as is custom for me, on Saturday eager to start my weekend off on the right foot. Following my tradition of watching my Netflix movies in the morning hours, I threw on “Sex Drive,” an overlooked, underrated, and extremely hilarious flick starring a cast of semi-nobodies but featuring cameos from Seth Green, Fall Out Boy, and David Koechner (Champ Kind, WHAMMY!). It was, shall we say, a delightful teen romp. My favorite character was the slightly chubby but quite debonair, Lance, played by a charming Clark Duke.

clarkdukeHis wardrobes throughout the entire flick were beyond amazing. “Sharp” is a good word to describe them/his look. It got me reevaluating my duds and actually prompted a trip to Brook Brothers, where I acquired a copy of “How to be a Gentleman.” I tried on a bunch of shirts as well, but that’s the problem with the outlet stores: nothing really fits as it should, which is why it is there. Still, the Labor Day sales were pretty insane.

marcjacobsThough I wasn’t able to find anything at the Outlets, I did have the chance to swing by Nordstrom Rack for a brief second. And while the shoe selection continues to disappoint, I found, buried among tragically ugly pairs of sunglasses, a set of Marc by Marc Jacobs Aviators. Being mainly a Wayfarer wearer, I decided it was time to switch up the look. Perhaps I was inspired by Mr. Duke’s character, or because the specs were $35 marked down from $200, but when I put them on, I sorta wanted to make out with myself. But I thought that would be weird to do in front of the other Ed Hardy-loving patrons devouring the racks of bedazzled (horrifying) jeans.

Will (@MomentumFailure)


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