The Bacon Fad. Delivered, tested, enjoyed, and regretted. Bacon Gumballs and Gummy Bacon.

thinkgeekBacon is absolutely everywhere these days. Cookies, cupcakes, bras, candy, machine guns, and sometimes, yes, even in breakfast burritos. I know, right? Crazy. In all honesty though, the cured meat has made one of the largest resurgences since, well, cupcakes, i suppose. A year or so ago, you couldn’t throw a dead cat without hitting some cutesy bakery specializing in the frosting’d treat. But as fads come and go, this bacon one seems to be sticking around longer than most. And thanks to my friends at ThinkGeek, I was able to partake in the trend first-hand via bacon gumballs and gummy bacon.

gumballsI am thanking my lucky stars I started with the gumballs. I thought, “No way will this actually taste like bacon.” I was in this mentality due to the fact the gummy bacon clearly states, “strawberry flavor” on the box. Heh. How wrong could I be? Upon popping one of the red orbs into my mouth, I was greeted by a taste unexpected (but should have been expected): Bacon. Yes, kids, the bacon gumballs taste like bacon, and to be completely honest with you, I couldn’t hang. My tongue went numb after 30 seconds of chewing. Sad to admit, but I had to spit it out before full flavor fruition. My friend, Brent, though? I think he’s still chewing the piece I gave him. Plus, he asked for a few to take with him. Still applauding his efforts.I can still smell his breath too… Unless she’s chewing one too, I wouldn’t recommend bacon gumballs to freshen the breath before the big date.

gummybaconTo cleanse the palate, I sank my teeth into the gummy bacon. Delicious. Sure, I got a few looks gnawing on the strawberry goodness, but isn’t that the point of chewing gummy bacon? If I wanted to go unnoticed, I’d have just opted for Twizzlers Pull-n-Peel. This, I have yet to share with anyone because it’s damn good. And just in case I forget that this is just candy, there’s a warning label on back reminding me to not attempt to fry or microwave this product. Sounds like a dare to me……

And what has been all over the reposting blogs as of late is in my possession and will be reviewed tonight or tomorrow or once I decide that, “Yes indeed. It is a good time to eat this canned bacon….” Yeah, others can talk about it, but now your friends at the Lure get to taste….Tactical Bacon.tacbacWill (@MomentumFailure)

More bacony goodness here…bacogumballsgummybacon1yummmmbacgumballss


2 responses to “The Bacon Fad. Delivered, tested, enjoyed, and regretted. Bacon Gumballs and Gummy Bacon.

  1. I liked your photos of gumballs. You can get more gubmalls of different flavors in The have more than 12 different flavors. Hope you will like it.

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