Y’all are invited up to Breckenridge this Winter. And thanks, Burton, for filling up my mailbox.

DSC00855The only thing that semi-sucks about Condo living is the mail situation. You get that little box, and that’s pretty much it. If your letters and parcels don’t fit, they are either crammed in there but an uncaring (and oftentimes quite brutal) postal carrier, or they will be delivered another day…not good when it comes to mortgage statements and perishables. Furthermore, if you are expecting a package, as many of us online shoppers are, you can’t guarantee its delivery. So while you slave away at work, you check the status of your order. “Rescheduled Delivery Date. Reason: Other.” Dammit!

When I came home a few days ago, famished and exhausted, I opened said mailbox to find this huge whopping book stuffed in there, with my other mail crumpled and jammed behind it. “WTF? Did I order a damn book? I hate reading!” No. It was just Burton’s new catalog. So, as I proceeded to my place from outside, hoping to hell that my Netflix wasn’t smashed, I got to thinking about the upcoming snowboard season.

PROD-BOCAJAVA2008_IMG_12831I’m looking forward to the cold mornings at my cabin. I will make pancakes, bacon and (bacon) coffee…something to stick to the bones when the temperature hits -24 degrees like last season. Man, that was unpleasant. And like I said, anytime you want to come, you’re more than invited. Except you. No, not you. You. Yeah. You’re the prick that threw up in the guest bed last year. You stay home.

Will (@MomentumFailure)


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