My Condo: Where a Kid can be a Kid. Especially when I add Slot Car racing.

ffslotcarsI got a call from my older brother last night. I haven’t talked to him in quite sometime as he’s been on holiday with his ladyfriend, touring the likes of Louisville, KY and Dayton, OH. As non-exciting as both those places sound, he ensured me he had a blast. And after being regaled in detail about his trip, I concurred that it sounded like a hell of a time. He asked me, then, what I had been up to, and aside from the normal work schedule and blog maintenance, there was nothing that new to report.

I told him about those Simpsons energy drinks I stumbled upon. Then I told him my ideas for Fast and Furious-themed energy drinks, and he fired a barrage of names back at me. Trans-Mission Fluid. Brian Spilner’s Oil Spill. Jessie’s Juice. Charger Recharge. And the list went on. Then, out of nowhere, he gets the idea for a Fast & Furious Drinking Game night. Ketel and Nos being the choice beverage. So I am going to watch the movie again and figure out when we need to drink.

ffvintageAlso, and this is pretty exciting, I have the 1954 Fast and the Furious coming to me tomorrow via NetFlix. Alternate watching this and trying to find the F&F Slot Car racing set for less than $226, and you can call me a happy camper. It should be noted, too, that with the 1954 version, Confessions of a Shopaholic will also be stuffed into my mailbox tomorrow. If it weren’t so par for the course I play, I would be slightly embarrassed. But, no, I’m on the edge of my seat for that flick as well.

Will (@MomentumFailure)


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