Wednesday: “Fix Up, Look Sharp”, even if I’m not a Dizzee Rascal fan. Aveda, Ed Westwick, and Marc Jacobs.

avedaI decided yesterday that it was time for a haircut. Seeing as how a pair of shears haven’t touched my follicles since March. That’s a long damn time. I went through my normal routine of selecting a style by image searching “Chuck Bass” (or my celebrity du jour). I printed out the found and preferred picture, threw on my recently purchased Marc Jacobs shades, and proceeded to walk to Aveda, remembering they had a $20 walk-in special.

marcI got to talking with Jera, my fave new stylist, about discontinued Aveda products, namely the Rosemary Mint collection we are all missing. “Oh man, I couldn’t stand that scent.” “Really,” I retorted, “I loved it.” “If you liked that,” she said, “You’ll love this.” Whipping out a tube of Pure-formance shaving cream and a blade, she proceeded to give me maybe one of the best shaves ever. A girl that can shave a face….that’s the way to a dude’s heart. On a serious note, I am pretty in love with the shaving cream and found it a suitable substitute for the Rosemary Mint. In case y’all are still looking for the next big thing…I found it. Well, I didn’t, Aveda did. But you pick up what I’m throwing down, right?

Will (@MomentumFailure)


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