…With enough room left in the bag for a bottle of Stranahan’s.

billykirkThis afternoon, I plan to make it my mission to check out Urban Outfitters in Cherry Creek to see if they are carrying the Brothers Bray by Billykirk Tote. I’m sort of in love with the simplicity and classic style, and that is based on online catalog images solely. Like I need another bag… I definitely need to get rid of some. If anyone’s in the market for some messenger bags, let me know. Seriously. I have too many. I need, maybe four. One for work, one for riding, one for weekend trips, and one to take to the park or other casual places.

stranahansFor instance, I  am planning on viewing a bottling at Stranahan’s, some of Colorado’s finest whiskey. I decided this when I first tasted the amazing booze this past weekend at the cabin. A clean few fingers of the stuff loosened me up like nothing else has in quite some time. When I do end up going, expect a full review. And if I end up scoring a bottle, you can be sure I’d stuff the thing in my Brothers Bray bag for a classy picnic night at the park this Fall. Sweaters, blankets, and whiskey to warm the blood.

Will (@MomentumFailure)


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