Autumn into Winter Travel Adventures. Pendleton bags to complete the look.

buffaloFall is among my favorite times of year. Whether it be the leaves changing, the weather cooling, or breaking out my sweaters, as the world cools off from the hot Summer months, there’s a certain electricity in the air. My favorite place in the world to feel this electric vibe, aside from my cabin in Breckenridge, is the cold streets of New York City. There’s something about it….I can’t put my finger on it, but when I lived there, I enjoyed it much more than the humid July days.

brownThat said, I try to figure out ways to visit Gotham every year around the end of October. This year, I might have to wait until December. Maybe go out for my birthday or something. Each time I travel though, I think it a good idea to find a new bag. It’s an awful habit because I should just use the luggage I already own. But dammit if I didn’t fall in love with Pendleton’s weekend bags.

greenNew York around Christmas time might rival that of the Fall months, come to think of it. So, yes, I think I shall start ticket shopping today and visit during Yuletide. See the boys from Gear Patrol and Hodinkee. Why not? Do a little shopping for the family. Score. Enjoy the Shroomtown Pizza with good company. Yes. Yes I think that will do.

Will (@MomentumFailure)


One response to “Autumn into Winter Travel Adventures. Pendleton bags to complete the look.

  1. Correction: excellent company. 😉

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