Refrain from shaving if you’ve been drinking. There will be blood and Portland General Store’s Whiskey Shave Soap.

whishkeyshaveOne of the things I like most about Ross/TJ Maxx/Marshall’s/etc. is the fact that I can buy a leather side chair, a new Polo, Nerf gun, mirror, and hair products all in the same place. Yesterday I scored some new shave cream, as I have been on the hunt for a replacement for my Aveda Rosemary Mint tube. I picked up some semi-decent stuff and put it to the test this morning. Eh, it’s okay. Nothing to write home about. Unless someone at said home really wanted to know. As I continue the search, Internet digging has proved a plethora of results. I just need one good one. And since I shave, maybe, twice a week (I could get away with once probably), one thing will last me awhile. But even with the minimal amount of shaving I do, please heed my “No Drinking then Shaving” advice. Trust me.

Will (@MomentumFailure)


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