Was it The Hangover Cure or the Cold Floor that sobered me up?

thcSometimes you have to take one for the team. No, I’m not talking about being a wingman and entertaining the slightly-less-than-flattering friend of the girl your buddy is trying to close the deal with. I’m speaking of putting a product to the ultimate test, like I swore to do with The Hangover Cure. It should be noted that I didn’t mind so much taking on this task. The Bacon Gumballs were far worse….Anyway, I decided that this weekend I would destroy myself slightly to see if the tiny vial could take on big boxes. I had the grandiose idea of taking pictures throughout the night to document everything. I did not, however, take into consideration that Chardonnay renders me slightly forgetful, so not many pictures (read: 1) were snapped of the evening. And that’s probably for the best seeing as how I slept on the floor, but I will get to that. I did remember to take The Hangover Cure before zonking out completely. To save face, I won’t say how much of the boxes I got through as these words could come back and haunt me if I were to, say, run for president.

A bit more on The Cure: I can’t say much for the taste what with my fuzzy memory of the night. I will say though that when I woke at 8 A.M. on the cold, hardwood floors of my condo, half-clothed (or half-naked depending on how you want to look at it), I was able to pop right up and be a functioning member of society almost immediately. So was it the sobering floor that snapped me into real life again, or was it the effects of the contents of that itty, bitty vial? I will wager that THC works. And I say that because I have risen from slumber numerous times off the floor or sitting against my living room table and have felt atrocious. To have a clear head on a Saturday morning before 8:30 A.M., I credit to some sort of miracle juice…in this case, The Hangover Cure.

Will (@MomentumFailure)


3 responses to “Was it The Hangover Cure or the Cold Floor that sobered me up?

  1. I want some…..

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