A Proper Best Man and a New Black Suit.

tailorAs per my usual, I take my lunchtime hour and walk around Cherry Creek. Lots of shops just waiting for my billfold to, well, unfold. Lately I have been in the business of saving money as I am saving up for airfare and a good suit for some friends’ wedding in October. Today, inspired by the fact that my friend, Kristina, spent the entire morning with Eli Manning, who I was told was wearing a dapper Brooks Brothers suit, I took today to hit up Macy’s, Nordstrom, Banana Republic, Polo, and a few other shops to see what sort of suits were being offered. After combing each store’s entire collection, I was floored by a Hugo Boss two piece.

hugo1What’s good about the suit is re-wearability. Which is why I don’t mind so much investing in a nice suit versus settling for a cheap one. I think I may have to go back after work and get a proper fitting, complete with tailoring in. The time is drawing near. Which reminds me, I should polish up my best man speech. Anyone have any insights? It’s my first one…

Will (@MomentumFailure)


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