It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to watch the best of Smack Down with me!

wwesmackdownFinally, the Rock has COME BACK to my living room……I was never one to hide the fact that I loved watching the WWF growing up and well into my college years. The show got muddled though when the WCW merged into the WWF, now the WWE, etc. I liked wrestling, though I never took to the actual sport. Seemed a little homoerotic, I suppose. I shouldn’t talk though as I have expressed on a regular basis my love of the Rock, the best entertainer that organization ever saw. That statement isn’t even opinion. It’s fact.

the rockI remember watching Smack Down when I was younger and freaking the hell out everytime I would hear, “IF YA SMELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL….what the Rock is cookin’.” I tried watching the WWE last week. Who the hell are these guys? And why are some still around? Triple H? You’re like 60 years-old. Oh, you’re 25? Wow. Wrastlin’ changes a man.And yes, I do own every movie Dwayne The Rock Johnson has ever been in. As well as his book….

Will (@MomentumFailure)


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