Taking a step back from bacon to gnaw on some Turkey Jerky from Jerky.com

jerkyI’ve been really trying to limit my Target trips these days. There were weeks when I would go almost every single day, which is a lot easier than one would think seeing as how the megastore is literally 5 blocks from my office. If I had some sort of infrared layout of the store tracking my route during each visit, there wouldn’t be much deviation. I have a routine. And it always includes stopping by the beef jerky shelf. For whatever reason, and what I dub “the phenomenon,” Target is able to sell their dried meats for less than anyone else. What gives? I don’t get it, and it might be one of those “ignorance is bliss” scenarios.

If I could afford it on the regular, though, I would opt for turkey jerky from Jerky.com. As someone who knows a thing or two about dehydrated animal, I can say the teriyaki variety of said turkey jerky (which is fun to say, no?) is the best I’ve had in a long time. Uber tasty. In fact, It would be selfish of me to not share the spoils. The nice guys at jerky.com sent me a 1/2 pound bag to give away at my discretion. Want it? Leave a comment on why you deserve it (make it clever) and I will choose one winner at random. There is also a runner-up prize.

jerky1Will (@MomentumFailure)


8 responses to “Taking a step back from bacon to gnaw on some Turkey Jerky from Jerky.com

  1. Because I asked first. That, and I love dried meat. Ronco!

  2. Because I asked second, and two is more than one!

  3. I don’t know if I really deserve that dried cured turkey goodness, but I want it so I can eat it. That’s all. Thanks!

  4. Do you know how difficult it is to find turkey jerky? You’ve got your beef jerky all day long, but the elusiveness of awesome turkey jerky is the long time bane of the foul eater.

    Giving me the turkey jerky is good for the economy, because I can spend my earnings on things like electronics and stuff.

    Giving me the turkey jerky is good for the environment because I will recycle the plastic packaging.

    Giving me the turkey jerky is good for the healthcare system because I will be nourished.

    Giving me the turkey jerky will kelp curb terrorism because I won’t snap and kill somebody due to low blood sugar.

    Giving me the turkey jerky will also curtail world hunger because, well…I’m going to eat it.

  5. annoyanceallowance

    Every time I eat a 1/2 pound of jerky, a Taylor Swift gets her wings.

  6. Since it’s a random drawing, hmmmmm. We don’t really have to be funny or clever or anything but lucky, right? Soooo even though this is the most boring and unoriginal comment it stands to win just as much as people who actually worked on a response. Strike a blow for lazy, lucky people everywhere and choose me. Thank you for your support.

  7. Because I need a new jerky to laud over and a reason to order from jerky.com instead of donating all my money to Jack Link’s

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