Tampering with mail is a Federal Offense. Try it and know pain.

theletteropenerI live in a fairly safe neighborhood. It’s downtown, sure, and a block south is possibly the worst street running through Denver. And caddycorner to my building is Section 8 housing….I know I am painting such a pretty picture here, but in all honesty, it is safe. I swear. Hell, there are $600K, 2000 sq/ft units directly across the street from me. Heh, “units.” Anyway, I haven’t felt the threat of danger all that often when I stroll the streets at night (like Axl Rose). There have been a couple of hairy situations where I put my keys between my knuckles and have braced for the worst. More times than not, though, I avoid any sort of physical violence and let the “Sup, pussy?” jeers roll off my back. It’s good to be prepared though. Especially if they instigate things…or if I’ve been drinking Rumpleminze.

Will (@MomentumFailure)


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