Chickenwrists are the new black. Black is the new Hello Kitty machine gun. I like Vestal watches.

fathom“In the business of saving money.” Yeah. Right. Damn you Jack Threads. I’m going broke here. But when a whole slew of Vestal Watches comes to that site at a deeply discounted rate, it’s hard to not follow through with a purchase. Especially when the Fathom, regularly priced at $250 or so, is available for $80, it doesn’t make sense to not buy. In this economy? Definitely. I am very prone to impulse buys, which is a terrible characteristic. But dammit, when that watch comes, I’m gonna be the coolest kid on the block, as if I wasn’t already.

hkmgSpeaking of my block, and as I stated yesterday re: me and my safety at night, it has become time to consider what form of protection I want to use. Whether it be the Letter Opener, a Ruger, or keys in the knucks, I have to carefully weigh the options and figure this out. “Pull the trigger” as it were. I imagine I would get messed with quite proper wielding a Hello Kitty Machine Gun….that is until bullets started coming from the barrel…which I hope never has to happen. But when I’m sporting hot watches like the Fathom, it may be a slight possibility.

Will (@MomentumFailure)


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