Can I get in on the Kanye train? Or did that shark already jump?

kanyeshirtMan, that whole thing got old fast, no? What Kanye did was no doubt rude and out of line, but, wow, way to make the man even more infamous with memes, sites, twibbons, and Freshjive shirts. Didn’t we learn anything from grade school days? If someone is acting up, ignore them. They crave attention and when all eyes are on them, they will go overboard. If you turn a deaf ear or a blind eye, they will go away. Though Andy Milonakis’s Kanye Diss was pretty funny.

I do have new respect for Jay-Z after I read his defense of Mr. West. “It’s not like he killed anyone….” Well put, Hova. Well put. And, now, onto another controversy. Seems like Brooke Hogan is due for one. Or maybe a random death… Like someone on SNL, or something. Terrible. And I should say that I do enjoy Taylor Swift both as a person and singer. I want to meet her.

Will (@MomentumFailure)


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