Never been a “skull guy,” but Rugby and JPress may turn those tables.

rugbyskullGrowing up, I never took to the skull and crossbone motif when it came to clothing. Something about it screamed, “Look at me! I’m intense! I dig death! I am trying WAAAAAY too hard to be cool!” Those screams were shrill, too, just an FYI. But remember those goofballs that donned skull patterns? Coming to class reeking of cigarette smoke. Dirty. And, I was a “skater” back then, so for me to call someone else dirty? There had to be some serious STANK goin ’round.

skullpinCould this Fall see me changing my tune? Perhaps. So long as me wearing skulls is more of a subtle twist on a traditional garb. For instance, a lapel augmented by a skull pin is just enough flair. As is some minor stitching on the breast of a vest. I can diggit. Oh, wow. That rhymed, and you know that rhymed.

Will (@MomentumFailure)


4 responses to “Never been a “skull guy,” but Rugby and JPress may turn those tables.

  1. Just a note, we’ll be featuring the Skull Lapel Pin on our site this week also… It’s seemingly appropriate this month, don’t you think?

    Thanks for the great find!

  2. momentumoffailure

    Do it up. It’s a cool pin. Plus the guys at JPress are very good blokes indeed.

  3. Well – we finally got around to publishing a post on the J.Press skull pin. I figured Christmas was the most appropriate holiday.

    Thanks again for tip. Goes up Wednesday ~2pm EST

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