Yes, I need glasses which may be the reason I love big watches. Case in point: The Fathom by Vestal.

eyebobsNothing makes you feel your age quite like squinting while reading or watching television. And lately, I have been doing it more and more. I snagged a pair of Super Futures with aspirations of making them my prescription readers, but as I wore them more and more, they became a little to “theory” for me. If i shelled out the dough for lenses, I probably still wouldn’t wear them. So I hunted for another pair and came across some classic styles by Eyebobs. Now, to sell the Super Futures….

FathomWhile I admit, yes, that my vision has decreased in recent years, what with massive amounts of time spent staring at computer screens, I get razzed quite often about it due to my affinity for big watches. As evidenced by a co-worker this morning, “So, Will, you need glasses or something? That watch is gigantic. Heh heh heh.” Actually, friend-o, I do have poor vision, thanks for reminding me. Is that why I ordered the Fathom? No. Is it because the thing weighs the same as a wall clock? Maybe. Was it an impulse buy that I don’t regret whatsoever? Definitely. So get off my back and get back to work.

Will (@MomentumFailure)


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