I wonder if “Don’t Drink Franzia and Search eBay” is in the JCrew ‘What A Man Should Know’

jcrewmanMost of us don’t need a book to know what to and not to do. For instance, body sprays = terrible. Ed Hardy is never to be worn, ever. If your shoes are more colorful than than a bag of Skittles and you’re over 25, you, friend, are somewhat of a tool. I don’t mean to get harsh, sorry, that was out line. Some people aren’t a quick on the draw when it comes to life lessons men should abide by. Luckily, and if I wasn’t already on enough of a JCrew binge, the retailer enlisted the expertise of a Mr. Max Blagg to pen the pages of “What A Man Should Know.” So, read up, and next time you find yourself amidst the company of those wittier than thou cracking ribald, you might actually have more to contribute than, “Yeah, for sure.”

Will (@MomentumFailure)


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