My personal shopper at JCrew has no idea when or if they’re getting the Baracuta, so I bought ties.

madeintheusaApparently I frequent the JCrew close to work more often that I had originally thought. As I was browsing the Sperrys I hear, “Hey. I’m Ryan. I notice you come in here a lot. Is there anything in particular you’re looking for or waiting to see come in?”

DSC00946Inner monologue: Do I really come in that often? Maybe he’s a little keen on me. “Oh, not really,” I said, “Can you tell me when you’re going to get the Baracuta jacket in?” “I don’t know if we’re getting it here,” Ryan came back,”But I will get your information and let you know the second I know.” Nice enough guy. And no I haven’t heard anything yet.

tie1Before I left though and as I am prone to do, I scanned the sale section and got my legs into a pair of khakis for $20. Score. But even further than that, and what really made my day was finding two ties for $15 a pop. Yeah, I probably should have left my wallet at the office to avoid these impulse buys, but alas. If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, I would still go through a pack of gum a day.

Will (@MomentumFailure)


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