Momentum goes out: Nixon Art Mosh Denver 9/24/2009

1It took some convincing, I admit, to get me to the Nixon Art Mosh last evening. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to go, but having to go to it directly off an hour and a half drive back from Colorado Springs after getting caught in bumper-to-bumper gridlocked traffic on I-25? I was more in the mood for a stiff drink and some prime time TV season premiers. But, I said nuts to all that and headed down to the Lisa Kowalski gallery in the industrial art district of Denver, met up with Jeremy, and made a night of it.

2Upon arrival, I went immediately to the Nixon watch display and proceeded to point the Ceramic Players out to Jer, explaining that they retail for over $1000, etc. etc. He’s not a huge watch guy, so we didn’t stay long there and decided to check out the walls. Good stuff. I’m not all that into art itself, as I was never very good at it, but Jeremy explained to me the processes of each piece we looked at. “Oh, okay, I get it. A photo on canvas then spray paint and other stuff…..Got it.” Clueless, I am.

3I stuck around just long enough to chat with some Nixon guys, eye some beautiful ladies, drink a glass of Chardonnay, meet a few artists, and make fun of a few people. What’s a night without a little ridicule? It’s not complete, that’s what. All in all, it was a good time. It was free, so how could it not have been? For more blurry Blackberry pictures, make the jump…

Will (@MomentumFailure)


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