Nature, man. Even in a bow tie, I can hunt, hike, and destroy small portions of it.

rugby bow tieYeah, it’s been one hell of a week. And in all the right ways, to clarify. Scored some killer deals at JCrew, ordered a new bow tie, chatted up the folks at J&M, got to see some cool art, and Autumn began. I mean, honestly, what could have made this week any better? Perhaps a few makeout sessions or a trip to a shooting range with a machine gun, sure, but seeing as how the week was already killer without them, it’s good to know I don’t need heavy petting and firearms to be happy…that would be just an added bonus.

redwingsBut as good as this week was, next Friday can’t come soon enough. My best friend is coming out from Chicago, for a weekend in Breckenridge. That means fun with axes and fire and wearing boots to stomp holes in nature. Hey, maybe we’ll bring the hatchet along and see if we can hit that tree over there. Bet ya can’t. Now you shut up. Here, hold my beer. Time to get outdoorsy…

Will (@MomentumFailure)


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