Not necessarily a go-to, but Adidas does every so often catch my fancy.

watchesTis true that when I am hankering for a new watch, I go with the brands I already know, be it Nixon, Vestal, Suunto, Swiss Army, Timex, fake Rolex’s, etc. I mean, why switch it up unless you really need to? We’re all for the most part creatures of habit and stick with what we know. But what about when you see a watch that looks like one of your faves but by, say, Adidas? That’s the conundrum I ran into today at the mall when I perused the timepiece cases at Macy’s. I tried on a few of said shoewear’s offerings, and I was actually somewhat taken with a couple.

vespasDespite the fact that I was mildly taken with some of their watches, I do think I will stick with my go-to brands and give Adidas the standard go at my feet when I’m in the market for a new pair of sneakers. Right now, I am more in the market for a new set of Sperrys, as a pair saw their demise this weekend. Come to think of it, I have another pair that will get me through the Winter…or until they open the new Nordstrom Rack 5 minutes from my office. Can you smell it? Yeah, that’s the smell of trouble.



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