The flux: Selling a couch, buying a new one, and the interim without one.

urbancouchThe response I got from posting my old sectional on Craigslist and Twitter was quite overwhelming. And Craigslist, I will say, never ceases to amaze me for two reasons. 1) It shows you just how dumb some the majority of the population is. Seriously, you wonder how some of these people are able to function or have lived this long. Their spelling, grammar, punctuations…it’s all terrible. Not to mention the inane, “The ad says $600/firm but would u take $400 and be willing to deliver,” questions. Yikes. Wow. I’m mean. The second reason C’list floors me is it really does work. It’s how I found my job, it’s how I sold a POS phone, it’s how I met a casual encounter and was almost murdered…too soon?

mocsNow that I’ve used it to sell my couch, I find myself in that weird state of not having a sofa due to poor planning on my part. Currently, I am kicking it on a folding chair. Not as comfortable, but I will remedy the situation soon. In the meantime, I’m good with shopping around and trying not to spend all the money I made from my last couch on a new one. I mean, I gotta keep at least $70 for a pair of Woolrich Smithwood Mocs and some Extra Strawberry Banana gum, right? Right.

Will (@MomentumFailure)


One response to “The flux: Selling a couch, buying a new one, and the interim without one.

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