Are you unsure, man? Or an Unsure Man? Are you getting the Selima Optique Rivingtons in or not?

Selima OptiqueScene: I am walking through the mall yesterday when, out of the corner of my eye, I see a glaringly large advert for the Selima Optique Rivingtons behind the cashiers at JCrew. I popped in and inquired when and if the shop was going to get any pairs in. Ryan, my personal shopper, was again sort unsure. “Maybe, but probably not. We don’t have the display case for them. They are online though.” They are? Get right out of town. What’s the Internet? Online? Is that anything like Inline? Rollerblades and of the like?

unsuremanOkay, I’m being a sarcastic jerk again, apologies. I didn’t actually cop that attitude. I merely retorted, “Yeah. I’ve seen them on the site. I was just wondering if you were getting them here…save me a little shipping, etc.” After I came back to the office and after scoring another tie for $15, I checked out the site and had myself a little chuckle when I cam across the JCrew Unsure Man style guide. Oh the irony of it all.



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