No one in the office noticed my Johnston & Murphy 1850 Messenger.

1850Growing up, like breaking up, is sometimes hard to do. But as the years drift by, as the seasons come and go, as people enter, leave, and reenter your life, you realize that everything has its purpose and course and reason and cause and effect. But as time ticks by and you come to terms with what really matters in life, certain hobbies fall by the wayside as new ones take over. Confused? Me too. Sometimes I just write for the sake of filling up space. Anyway, what I am getting at is I have been in the market, recently, is a wardrobe upgrade. I can’t remember the last time I actually wore a t-shirt, opting instead for polos and button ups. I’m still kicking it proper in skinny jeans, but even those are starting to get phased out. While I have made tremendous changes in the past few weeks even, I realized that the bag I have been using for work is also do for an upgrade.

18501Enter the 1850 Messenger by Johnston & Murphy. A few heads at J&M got at me, shared my affinity for classing it up, and decided it was in their best interest to assist me. And help they did. Not that anyone in my office even noticed, but I have been toting the same Jack Spade for months. One day I woke up and thought, “Damn. It’s Fall. I can’t be carrying no sky blue bag no more.” It didn’t go down exactly like that, as I am not that vain, but I knew I was going to seek out a new bag for the season regardless. I’ve made no mystery about my frequent lunch-time shopping sprees and never fail to hit up Johnston & Murphy in the mall. Admiring the 1850 from afar is now a thing of the past. When it comes down to it, the $300 price tag is definitely worth it for a durable messenger. “You get what you pay for,” my brother always says. And in this case three bills is more of an investment when you know you’ll have the bag the rest of your life probably.



5 responses to “No one in the office noticed my Johnston & Murphy 1850 Messenger.

  1. Kind of offtopic, but I friggin love Johnston & Murphy Dobson Plain Toe Venetian…

    I guess it kind of goes with this.

  2. I really like that bag. Good looking stuff right there.

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