Denver never ceases to amaze: ELC Clothing takes it to the hills.

elc1Denver, CO, a city not looked to for its fashion very often, can sometimes surprise you. Known mostly for our mountains and various outdoor offerings, the Mile High City doesn’t often come up in casual global conversation. “I enjoy jetsetting all over the world to check out gallery openings and clothing line debuts. My favorite places? Gosh, I would have to say Paris, Moscow, Milan, Tokyo, NYC, LA, and, of course, Denver.” It just doesn’t sound right. And quite frankly, I like it that way. Yeah, we’ll be over here, all unassuming-like, if you need us. Of course, this all could change if that one spark falls into the gasoline, igniting an explosion from the Rocky Mountain Region.

elc2Sure, there have been breaks in music and fashion from this fair town (Devotchka, 3Oh!3, The Fray *shudder*, among PLENTY more). We can now add locals, ELC Clothing to the list of awesomeness. Just when I was thinking, “I could really go for a new chambray button-up,” my new friend points me to these guys. Their lookbook is worth, well, a look. And if the rest of the world still wants to believe that everyone in Colorado rides horses to work, they will have to know we do so in style.

WillPicture 5Picture 6Picture 7Picture 8Picture 9Picture 10Picture 11


9 responses to “Denver never ceases to amaze: ELC Clothing takes it to the hills.

  1. these are awfully neat looks!
    very manly outfits. i am really loving the suspenders look.

  2. My best friends husband is one of the guys behind this brand! ELC is short for El Camino…they are total gearheads. Great to see them featured on your blog.

  3. Great blog! I’ve been checking it out recently since my b.f., Sarah, mentioned it. I love the content and your writing style is a great combo of cleaver, witty and dry. Have to mention too that my husband is one of the founders of elc Mens (Matthew Hessler). You’ve got great taste…gotta meet you in person soon. Happy hour sometime?

    • momentumoffailure

      I’m always down for a happy hour sometime. And thanks for the nice words. ELC is definitely a brand I’m going to need to get my paws on. I love the look. Thanks for reading!

  4. Thanks for the kind words for elc Mens. We are proud to be representing Denver and we are going to great lengths to insure each piece we put out takes advantage of our unique colorado perspective but has the quality to rival clothes coming from NY, LA and London.

    It hasn’t been an easy road but we are making it happen step by step. We will keep you in the loop on some limited edition drops that should hit before the holidays.

    co-founder elc mens

    • momentumoffailure

      No problem, Matt. I really like what you’re doing with ELC. I have more than a few readers interested in getting their hands on some of your line. Please do keep me updated on future releases.

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